Bookstore employee writes this on Social Media after “little old lady” shocks everyone at the register

A bookstore worker recently wrote this Facebook post describing an encounter with a “little old lady” who shocked everyone at the register. The post has since gone viral, and for good reason. Read it below. Posted by Christine Turel I work in a decent-sized, local, indie bookstore. It’s a great job 99% of the time […]

Extremely rare pink dolphin gives birth to an adorable pink baby calf

What might be even more eye-catching than a pink dolphin? Well, a bright pink dolphin and her adorable tiny calf. A striking presence and a resident of the Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana, ‘Pinky’ the dolphin has recently spotted swimming with her baby, who delightfully looks just like her. The unusual bottlenose dolphin has been initially […]

Adorable Moment Baby Elephant Is Rolling On The Floor With Laughter As His Brother Tickles His Belly

Everyone knows baby elephants are extremely cute creatures, but what we don’t is they’re fun-loving animals, too. In a heartwarming scene, a baby elephant is apparently having the time of its life when his big brother tickles his belly with his trunk. The little one is rolling on the floor with laughter and the internet […]

See How Much the “Perfect” Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It’s Crazy!)

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, the mainstream idea of the “perfect body shape” for women has shifted almost as often as fashion trends. In some cases, the contrast of the perfect women’s idea between decades is shocking, and speaks volumes to public attitudes at the time – the beauty standards, basically, depended on whether or […]

Once In A Lifetime Photos Of A Grizzly Encountering A Wolf, Captured By Photographer

To any photographer, capturing a “once in a lifetime” photo is like winning a lottery ticket. Not all of them have that luck even when they have a careful plan to take that photo. A Montana traveler and photographer named Seth Royal Kroft grasped his chance to take such photos. Keep scrolling! Seth Royal Kroft […]

20 People That Got Plastic Surgery and Are Rocking Their New Looks

Some people think that change isn’t good and are afraid of it. However, others embrace small changes, like getting a new car or buying a new sofa. But some changes are so extraordinary, that they could leave anyone speechless, and it takes lots of courage to go through with them. This can be seen with people whose faces completely changed and were encouraged to share pictures […]

Kourtney Kardashian Mocked for Wearing the ‘Tiniest Bi-ki-ni in the World’

Kourtney Kardashian has recently shocked her fans with a very revealing bi-ki-ni snap… While some people loved the look, others were concerned that it was a bit too much. Getty Keep scrolling to have a look at the photo for yourselves. Now, we all know who the Kardashians are… Because they’re one of the most […]

Eagle-Eyes Fans Spot Disturbing Detail In Bindi Irwin’s “ Babymoon” Photo

Bindi Irwin and her family have taken one final trip before her baby’s arrival and they look happier than ever! But some fans have pointed out one creepy detail about the images… Now, we all know Bindi Irwin as the daughter of the late Steve Irwin… And fans of the Irwin family from all around […]

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