Bookstore employee writes this on Social Media after “little old lady” shocks everyone at the register

A bookstore worker recently wrote this Facebook post describing an encounter with a “little old lady” who shocked everyone at the register. The post has since gone viral, and for good reason. Read it below. Posted by Christine Turel I work in a decent-sized, local, indie bookstore. It’s a great job 99% of the time […]

Dad Sleeps Downstairs On Sofa With Senior Dog To Keep Him Company

He can’t climb the stairs anymore — so Dad came to him ❤️️ When Catherine Morris’ family adopted Spike nine years ago, they determined that he would be a “downstairs dog.” But Spike, an English springer spaniel, had a different idea of how things should go. “The first night we had him, we closed the […]

Prince Harry Slammed for Showing His ‘Dirty’ Bare Feet in Baby Announcement Photo

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they are expecting a second child – but the internet is distracted by Harry’s dirty bare feet in the announcement picture … The news was announced on Valentine’s Day. via: Getty And of course, it got everyone talking… especially when it came to the announcement picture. Keep scrolling to take […]

Lose Up To 30lbs With This Simple 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Sugar can be harmful to our health, especially if you enjoy sweets and cakes which are full of sugar. Many products contain sugar like the low-fat yogurt, can results in weight gain, wrinkles and energy crashes. Having a diet that includes lots of sugar can cause wrinkles, energy crashes and gaining weight. Give your body a break from sugar, […]

Extremely rare pink dolphin gives birth to an adorable pink baby calf

What might be even more eye-catching than a pink dolphin? Well, a bright pink dolphin and her adorable tiny calf. A striking presence and a resident of the Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana, ‘Pinky’ the dolphin has recently spotted swimming with her baby, who delightfully looks just like her. The unusual bottlenose dolphin has been initially […]

Adorable Moment Baby Elephant Is Rolling On The Floor With Laughter As His Brother Tickles His Belly

Everyone knows baby elephants are extremely cute creatures, but what we don’t is they’re fun-loving animals, too. In a heartwarming scene, a baby elephant is apparently having the time of its life when his big brother tickles his belly with his trunk. The little one is rolling on the floor with laughter and the internet […]

14 Clear Signs That Your Friend Likes You

Love usually comes in unexpected packages. It does happen in the most unexpected times in your life – with the most unexpected person. They say that the best foundation of love is friendship. Loving a friend is easier because you have known each other for a long time. Here at we listed down 14 clear signs that your […]

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