Day: February 10, 2021

Iranian ‘Zo-mbie Angelina Jolie’ Seen for the First Time in Years Without Photoshop or Trickery

It’s have been reported than a 19 year old Iranian woman has undergone 50 facial reconstruction surgeries in order to look like celebrity Angelina Jolie. She is said to have lost over 80 pounds in the process as well and the surgeries. Her name is Sabar Tahar and is it not yet known why she […]

Cat With A Bicolor Face Is The Father Of Two Kittens Who Shared Their Colors

A beautiful cat famous for his bicolor face, he has become the father of two cute kittens that strangely shared the colors of his face. But the surprising thing is that each one has taken the color of each side of their face. Narnia is three years old, he has a rare genetic trait that […]

20 People That Got Plastic Surgery and Are Rocking Their New Looks

Some people think that change isn’t good and are afraid of it. However, others embrace small changes, like getting a new car or buying a new sofa. But some changes are so extraordinary, that they could leave anyone speechless, and it takes lots of courage to go through with them. This can be seen with people whose faces completely changed and were encouraged to share pictures […]

10 Beautiful Female Billionaires From Around The World

You hear every day on the news about the richest men on Earth, but the billionaires club includes a significant number of women… and some of them are quite hot! Much more than their male counterparts could ever dream of being. Let’s have a look at the sexiest and richest women in the world. There […]

10 Famous People Who Had Kids Far Too Young

Most Hollywood stars and people in showbiz tend to carefully schedule a pregnancy because they cannot afford to lose a significant contract if they cannot work for a few months. However, some just let things happen. The women on this list share one thing – getting pregnant way too young. Let’s see how they managed […]

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