Officer Pulls Up To Kids Yelling Goodbye To Navy Dad – Video

Two children were able to give their Navy father a proper goodbye thanks to a California officer’s kindhearted act. Officer James Weaver of the San Diego P-olice Department allowed Rileigh, 4, and Austin Buetow, 2, to say goodbye to their dad over his patrol car public-address system as he was leaving on a ship for deployment.

“[I] noticed the two little kids yelling goodbye to their dad,” Weaver told ABC News.

“I knew he wouldn’t be able to hear them, so I pulled next to them and asked if they would like to use the PA in the patrol car. I figured it would be a little louder and a better chance for their dad to hear their little voices.” The children’s father, Joshua Buetow, 28, left from Shelter Island Jan. 5 on the USS Carl Vinson. He will not return to his San Diego home until summertime, his wife Brettany Buetow, also 28, said.

That day Buetow, a mom of three, brought the kids to the harbor so they could see their dad off. “The ship had started to come by and they were waving … he [Weaver] saw the kids jumping up and down,” Buetow told ABC News. Officer Weaver, who was patrolling the parking lot that morning, drove by and asked Rileigh and Austin if they’d like to give a message to their dad using his microphone.

“Austin was getting kind of scared because of how loud it was, but Rileigh was yelling, ‘Bye Daddy! We love you, Daddy!’” Buetow recalled. “It got really emotional. I was holding it together, doing pretty well and once all that started happening, I just started crying.” Buetow said her husband works in a lower deck of the ship. Although she’d be surprised if he heard the little ones, she’s happy they got to say another goodbye, she said.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Kathleen RussellMost Officers in our country are caring and thoughtful men and women.

Nicole JordanKudos to the wonderful officer for making this moment memorable for the Buetow Family

Aussie AndyThat’s so sweet, even if he didn’t hear it, it’s the thought that counts cool cop.& a sweetheart of a daughter Thumbs up.

Brayton GleasonOutstanding officer!!! One hero looking out for another hero, god bless you both and your families

Tabatha Bennettawwh that’s so sweet wonderful that office let the kids say goodbye to their dad and to him thanks for serving for our country

johnson johnthis bring tears in my eyes gosh I almost joked in my throat, very beautiful little one, thisbproves how much dads love spoiled you

Drew reminds me of when my dad would deploy my grandpa never said a word he just stood there at attention till the plane was out of site.

A. W. ThompsonSo great to see this Officer being a part of his community in the best way–a hero who has not forgotten what his job means: to protect and serve.

And thank you so much to this Navy family for their service and sacrifice.

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